Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hairfall Treatment at The Bridgette Jones Salon

I remember when I was around 8-10 years old, a long mane was all I desired. I would often pretend to own long hair, walking around tying my Mother’s black dupatta on my head. There used to be times when I would wear an extended pony (usually during dance concerts) and refuse to let go of it. When I finally started growing my hair, it was almost like a dream come true.

Genetically,  I am blessed with a smooth straight hair, one of the reasons I started taking it for granted. Living in Sikkim, or even when during school earlier, my hair seemed to be doing fine without having to take much care. But the last few months have been very harsh, especially given my daily commute to work amidst heavy pollution. Despite covering my head (and face), the heat and dust have made my hair extremely rough and brittle.  I had resorted to many a natural remedies, and even though the hair fall was reduced, the hair remained rough as ever.

Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hairfall Treatment


Last week, Himalaya Herbals wanted to pamper the bloggers of Kolkata with their hair-care products at the Bridgette Jones Salon. We were given an option between Anti-Hairfall and Anti-dandruff. No points for guessing which ultimately proved to be most popular. It seemed I was not the only one with Hair fall issues.




The treatment consisted of the below steps:

Step 1: Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hairfall Hair Oil Massage
The relaxing massage was one of the most de-stressing experiences ever. Maria, a hair expert from the Bridgette Jones Salon did a brilliant job with it.

Step 2: Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hairfall Shampoo
The oil was then washed off with the shampoo.

Step 3: Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hairfall Hair Cream
This was similar to the oiling, except now my head was massaged using a hair cream. This was followed by steam for roughly 15 minutes.

Step 4: Shampoo and Conditioning
Finally the hair was washed and conditioned thoroughly.

How did my hair feel post treatment?
In one word, unreal. My hair was soft and shiny. I never had this hair ever since I left Sikkim.



Can this be done at home?
Yes. The products are readily available in any drugstore and this can be very well done at home. In fact I would be posting soon on how I replicate this treatment.

Hair-care Myth Busted
Besides the treatment, I had a lovely conversation with Bridgette Jones who busted many a myths surrounding hair-care, one of them being Castor Oil. I was concerned about my hair fall and mentioned using Castor Oil as a corrective measure. But any oil which is heavy does harm to the hair. In order to wash off the oil, we usually end up being harsh to the hair (like using more shampoo or scrubbing the scalp too hard). This on the contrary does more harm.

What do you follow as hair care?


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