#Nomnom : Molecular Gastronomy at M Bar and Kitchen

The City of Joy never ceases to surprise me with its huge platter of creativity and talent. The city’s love for art can be seen everywhere, be it architecture, clothing or even food. Keeping this culture intact, Mbar and Kitchen, Park Street has introduced Food Art in the form of Molecular Gastronomy. This popular restaurant cum pub has also introduced new additions to their otherwise awesome Menu. This gave me an opportunity to finally visit this place and I ended up wanting to visit soon again.


When M Bar and Kitchen was opened, it’s biggest focus was to twist the concept of the quintessential lounge finger – food. The food has been designed keeping in mind fine dining. So this is one of those rare Night Club meets Fine Dining places in the city.
Here are some of what I absolutely loved from their Food Art and Newly Revamped menu.


Edible Ribbons, Little Purses and Smoked Pizza were as beautiful to look as to eat. The smoked pizza was served with actual burning coal covered with a lid.

The revamped regular menu consisted of the Beer Battered Onion Rings, Tacos, Gamberi Al Ajillo, Chicken Olivetti, Potato Parmigiana, Green Gratin and Chocolate Baklava for dessert.
As promised by the head chef, Tanya, Potato Parmigiana can be equally loved by a non-vegetarian foodie as much as a vegetarian. The Chocolate Baklava was absolutely amazing.

Edible Ribbons
Edible Ribbons








The drinks were indeed way above everything. They werr literally bubbling with creativity and awesomeness.
The Cosmic Cosmo, Scottish Peach, Fantastic Four and Jager Spheres were part of their Food Art. Orchids, dry ice and elements of surprise made them out of the ordinary. Some of them actually looked fresh out of Hogwart’s Potions lessons Chatka Merry and Malta Punch were new inclusions to their regular menu.




M Bar and Kitchen strikes the perfect balance between fine dining and a party destination. My favorite part of the decor would be the circular lights on the ceiling.


A meal for two would cost around 1200INR

Happy Hogging!

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