Book Launch of Saransh Goila’s “India On My Platter”

What would you call a guy who manages to tickle your taste-buds along with your funny-bones? A guy who can make you giggle with his insanely funny stories and cook up some of the most drool-worthy food in a matter of minutes; who is the youngest name in the Limca Book of World Records and yet is so humble? Well, in case you did not guess it already, I call this guy Saransh Goila.


Saransh, a 28 year old chef and now author was recently in Kolkata for his book launch, India on my Platter at the beautiful Corner Courtyard. The event, organised by Typhoo gave me a chance to finally meet the charming gentleman who rather fancies himself to be called “Sadak Chef” (Chef of the Road).

Beet Halwa Shahi Toast
Beet Halwa Shahi Toast

India on my Platter is an account of the “Food Food Maha Challenge” winner, Saransh Goila’s 20000 kms journey across the country in 100 days (where he hosted the show “Roti Rasta aur India” on Food Food). Besides being a travelogue, it contains a number of lesser known recipes of our country. We also got to learn one of such recipes as Saransh cooked the “Beet Halwa Shahi Toast” for us.

“I was always fascinated by food, the spices, the aromas and the flavors”, says Saransh. His travels across the country taught him so much about the diversity in food and culinary culture, he claimed. The book, despite being his first attempt at writing, has been extremely well received. Rather, I read my signed copy and loved it. It almost made me travel through the highway virtually. 

Rocky and Mayur, surprise guests of the day
Rocky and Mayur, surprise guests of the day
Selfie with Chef Saransh
Selfie with Chef Saransh

The book is available on Flipkart and Amazon priced at 295 INR.

Pictures (except the last) Courtesy : Saransh Goila’s Facebook Page

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