#PrettilyPetite : Fashion Hacks for Looking Taller

They say, “Good things come in small packages”. I say, “Any package is beautiful, be it any shape or size.” Yet, if you belong to the gang of prettily petite, this post might solve some of your outfit woes. Although I have always believed that there is nothing that you cannot pull off with confidence, a few fashion hacks here and there never did any harm.

1. High-Waist Bottoms

The trick here is draw focus to the upper part of your body. High waist bottoms do the trick and make your legs look longer.

2. Nude heels

The easiest trick to make your legs look longer is to wear nude heels. Make sure that the shade matches your skin and you are all set.

3. Vertical striped bottoms

This is an absolute no-brainer. Vertical stripes give an illusion of greater length.

4.  Fitted clothing

A-line cuts and pencil skirts should be your best friends. Avoid oversized clothes as they would look clumsy and tend to drown you.

5. Crop Tops

Again crop tops draw attention to the top, thus creating an illusion to more height.

Although these hacks create a visual illusion, it is no substitute to a great confidence and a gorgeous smile.


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