#BrandsToSpot: Fashions By India

fashions by india

Lately we are witnessing the emergence of Indian fashion in western world. Not only the many fashion designers from Europe and USA have been using India as their inspiration, but some Indian brands have found their way to the western market. It’s no wonder, who can do the job better than people who invented it? The appeal of India inspired clothing is not only in the colors (for which this country is so famous), but the flattering feminine cuts and amazing looking ornamentals and embroideries. One of the most amazing brands to watch is Fashions by India. Here’s why.

Who Are They?

fashions by india

Fashions by India is a brand devoted to selling different Indian attire, everything from traditional wedding wear to modern variations of traditional clothing. The best thing about them is they offer the possibility of customization to buyers. This means that you get to choose some characteristics of a clothing piece, such as how long will the sleeves be, the neck style or embellishments. The opportunity to customize your own outfit just shows how much this brand values women as individuals, with different desires and preferences.

What’s Their Style?

fashions by india

The overall style offered by Fashions by India is reflected in pure love for women and their figure. Their clothes tend to accentuate elegancy as women’s natural state of existence. In this brand’s wide range of products, you will find stylish salwar kameez, gorgeous lehengas, perfect Anarkalli suits, breathtaking sarees, fancy palazzo pants, worthy-of-occasion wedding sarees, lovely kurtis, elegant party wear, stunning lehenga cholis and many other amazing clothing. The richness of materials is another trait of this brand, and you can shop for clothes made of various fabrics, from silk and chiffon to georgette, satin and jacquard.

What Makes Them Stand Out?

fashions by india

The variety of ethnic clothes available is simply overwhelming. You’ll find several types of every item you are interested in. For instance, you have heavy embroidered sarees, partywear sarees, printed sarees, wedding sarees and lehenga sarees. There is a reason why Fashions by India is one of the biggest Indian ethnic clothing collections in USA and worldwide. Its collections are regularly updated with new and fresh items without being scrimp when it comes to material quality. This brand is also socially responsible. About 20% of their profits are given away to schools, refugees, research, humanitarian aid, etc.

Why and How to Buy Their Clothes?

fashions by india

As mentioned, the quality of Fashion by India’s clothing is top notch. The most important characteristic a brand can have is that it puts its customers first. Shopping at Fashion by India’s website provides you with a personal stylist experience, and you are being advised how to find the outfit that suits your figure and overall style the best. Customization is one of their distinct services. You can select the fabric, the length, the pattern, how long the sleeves will be, etc. Quick delivery is another great feature. A customized item will reach your address in 15 to 20 days, while a regular clothing piece will be delivered in about two days. The prices are reasonable considering the quality. Though they are not offering discounts, there are items on sales. It is possible to pay via PayPal, credit card, debit card, Google wallet and wired transfer.

Fashions by India is a clever brand which noticed the need for glamorous Indian ethnic clothes in times when fashion has become or too monotonous or too extravagant. The philosophy is that a woman should look and feel as royalty and clothes are one of the ways to do that.

Visit Fashions by India for more information.

fashions by india


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