Ooh La La: Be Inspired by Parisian Women

Coco Chanel, an ultimate icon of style and one of the most influential fashion designers we know, once said: “Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory”. This reflects not just Chanel’s superfine sense for style, but an ever-present subtlety which makes French women so effortlessly beautiful and, as such, a great inspiration for the rest of the female world.

parisian women style

The fact is that the French ladies have always been a synonym for a timeless style, elegance and exquisite manners, but we can’t stop wondering what makes them so unique and utterly perfect.

So, let’s discover the secrets of irresistible Parisian prettiness which we would be more than happy to adopt:

Fashion trends independence

When speaking about Parisian way of clothing, most of you would probably think that it’s all about relying on the latest collections that just came out from the runaways. The truth is that Parisian women are not crazy about newest fashion trends, but they rather choose comfortable, nicely cut and timeless pieces in which they feel pretty.

Although they sometimes like to refresh their wardrobes with few trendy pieces, Parisian ladies will never fall under the influence of “hot” trends, nor torture themselves by wearing uncomfortable clothes.

parisian fashion

Timeless fashion combinations

Prevailing colours in the wardrobes of French ladies are white, black, nude, navy patterns and natural sand and earth tones, which are easily matchable and eternally stylish. Parisian girls are known for their subtly elegant look based on a ballet flats perfectly paired with various styles of pants, but we also can’t forget their famous little black dress.

While they rarely miss nice trench coat, push-up bra is something that French women consider as unnecessary, since they believe in themselves and their natural beauty. Although they like to spend a bit more on their clothing items, Parisian ladies buy pieces which fit them perfectly and last for few seasons.

parisian style nice

Essential skin care

Apart from eternally classy and sophisticated outfits, Parisian girls owe their prettiness to radiant and rejuvenated look. Due to paying a tremendous attention to skin care from an early age, they’re not afraid of aging, but it’s also important to know that French women are not a sunbathing addicts.

Instead of using a lot of makeup, they rather apply quality skincare products. French women never skip classic face cleansing and hydration, but when it is necessary, they dare to undergo contemporary skincare methods, such as microdermabrasion.

parisian skin care

Minimalistic but effective makeup

A Parisian beauty is more based on naturalness and self-confidence than on makeup, so even when they put a makeup on, Parisian ladies do it subtly. Even though the majority of us see eyeliner as a trademark of Parisian ladies, they actually rather accentuate their eyes with soft pencil than with liquid eyeliner. While red lipstick stays as an absolutely unavoidable part of French girls’ makeup, they usually avoid contouring as well as highlighting eyes and lips at the same time.

parisian makeup

Apart from showing that beauty comes from the inside and that less always proves to be more, Parisian girls are also inspiring us to be self-assured and dressed exclusively for ourselves.


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