Explore the beauty of Tahiti and her islands

French Polynesia, a spatial South Pacific archipelago, is dream destination for many travel lovers, which is not surprising at all, because this island country hosts some of the most beautiful island groups in the world. However, it’s impossible to visit this part of the world without coming to Tahiti and her islands. Each island features godlike pleasures and unrealistic beauties, and these are some of them:

The island of Tahiti

As the largest island in French Polynesia, Tahiti is home to more than 70% of Polynesian population, including large Chinese community which owns majority of local supermarkets. So, if Tahitians suggest you to go to “La Chine”, that means you should go shopping. Thanks to its pristine beaches surrounded with coral reefs and stunning lagoons, impressive volcanic peaks and number of alluring coastal resorts, Tahiti is called the Queen of the Pacific.


Tahiti offers a wide range of attractions, such as hiking in the Papeeno valley, breathtaking jungle waterfalls, wandering through Papeete’s pearl shops, sunset beach walks, The Museum of Tahiti and lot more. Tahiti is an excellent place from which you can hop to all of her neighbouring islands with excellent cruises organized by Tahiti Travel Connection.



Moorea, which stands out with its lush mountain interior, translucent lagoon shallows full or tropic fish and picturesque pineapple fields, is a place where world’s first over-water bungalows were born. With a reason called The Magical Island, Moorea is a centrepiece of prime beach activities, where you can enjoy in thrilling ray feeding, encounter rare sharks and dive with dolphins. You can even take a tour around the island, stop by to a nearby isle and experience authentic Motu picnic.


Bora Bora

Gorgeously shaped coasts sprinkled with soft powdery sand, the bluest lagoons, secluded tropic isles and dozens of iconic reedy-roofed bungalows create the most romantic scenery you’ll ever see.


Plethora of world class resorts tucked within paradisiacal nooks of surrounding Bora Bora’s isles reveals the world of immense luxury where you can take pleasure in lavish spa treatments, have your breakfast delivered by flowery canoes or enjoy in romantic beach dinner.


If you look for the place where you can get lost, come to unspoiled, impressively lush and wild interior of Huahine Island, which is short flight away from Tahiti. Spaces covered with dense tropical vegetation, exotic fruit species and dozens of intact beaches make this island a stunning natural oasis.


Huahine is a perfect place for relaxing beside the lagoons, hiking across tiare scented forests, off-boat fishing and thrilling around the island car trips.


Around 60 km north-west from Tahiti there is an atoll of Tetiaroa, a private tropical island generously surrounded with blue ocean vastness and fascinating coral reefs.


This atoll is known as Marlon Brando’s private island, since famous actor purchased it in 1967, couple of years after he came to Tetiaroa to film Mutiny on the Bounty. Now Tetiaroa hosts prestigious Brando resort, has its own airfield, beautiful pristine beaches and unbelievably rich fauna, especially marine and birdlife.


Nested within the same lagoon as Raiatea, Taha’a Island is known for its aromatic and picturesque vanilla fields as well as for precious black pearl plantations.


Dozens of family pearl farms offer an opportunity to admire the rarest black pearl samples, while Robert Wan’s Black Pearl Museum hides the interesting stories related to Tahitian pearl history.

With spaces wrapped into jaw-dropping landscapes, abundance of spectacular ocean-side spots and ever-present tropical spirit, Tahiti and her islands are without exaggerating a real heaven on the earth.


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