Hottest Indian Fashion Designers based in NYC

Hottest Indian Fashion Designers based in NYC

The joy of globalization has brought a lot of cultural exchange to the world. Previously we’ve been able to witness only western influence on eastern world, and today we can truly call it an exchange. And Asia is one of the hot spots for “extracting” fashion inspiration because of its specific sense of aesthetics. Especially India, for the flattering feminine cuts and elegant, lovely and lively colors. Luckily, we don’t have to travel all the way to India to find their inspiring designers, some of the best are based in nowhere other than NYC. Let’s see who are those designers, bringing the sweet taste of India to our very own doorsteps?

Hemant & Nandita

hemant nadita indian fashion designers
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Nothing bad can come out from loving relationship of a husband and woman doing what they’re passionate about, together. This married couple has incorporated traditional elements into modern design, while including respect and admiration towards women’s body. Many Bollywood celebrities have been sporting their designs often. As young fashion designers, they’ve started their careers assisting famous Indian designers Aparna Jagdhari and Malini Ramani. And today we can call them one of the multi-designer outlets.

C Mpl T Unkn Wn

c mpl t unkn wn indian fashion designer clutches
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One of the most original brands in fashion today. Drawing its inspiration from rock and roll fierceness and combining it with traditional craftsmanship, this fashion name is sweeping its way to the very top. Not only designs of their clutches are incredibly superior when it comes to uniqueness but in quality too. Their collection of clutches “Animal Nitrate” reflects the beauty and appeal of the animals, such as leopards, wolves, beetles, wasps and spiders.

Rimzim Dadu, My Village

rimzim dadu my village indian fashion designers porte mode
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This inspirational fashion designer reflects street style chic in the best way possible. The born and brought up in Delhi, making clothes has been in her blood, because her family ran a small clothing export house. The minimalistic yet complicated concept of her work is in many ways special by using different components to make one single garment. Worn by many celebrities, such as Diana Penty and Nargis Fakhri, My Village pieces, as well as all of the hit Indian designers, can be bought directly in USA and all around the world in NY website selling luxury wardrobe, Porte Mode.

Nachiket Barve

nachiket barve indian fashion designer
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This true fashion revolutionary has merged modern western style with Indian heritage and a touch of Maori Tribe from New Zealand and their “Moko” tattoos creating specifically dramatic collection reflecting the beauty and the sensuality of women. Born and brought up in Mumbai in family of doctors, he studied design in France and developed his magnificent techniques there. His designs were featured in magazines such as Grazia, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Marie Claire.

Pankaj & Nidhi

pankaj nidhi indian fashion designers
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This power couple launched their first collection in 2006. Since then, they’ve been known for their crisp sensibility, creativity and innovations. Their colorful, eclectic designs were inspired by symbolic from all over the world and craftsmanship. They have stores all over the world from Moscow to New York, and they are beloved in all those cities. Their clothes are in great demand by celebs and their stylists.

The originality and special aesthetics of these designer labels are making them designers to watch out for and we can’t wait to see what will they do next.