#GuestPost: Top 5 romantic resorts in Asia

Since the dawn of time, there was always something mystical and enchanting about the Earth’s largest continent and its dazzling and numerous different landscapes. There hardly exists a man who never dreamed of leaving all the stress and troubles of the mundane in order to set off to find a perfect desolate refuge in one of the incredible Asian tropical destinations.

Many of these places are also thought to be some of the most romantic places in the world, so what right do you have to denounce yourself and your significant other this incredible holiday that you are both bound to cherish for the rest of your days. Things you own, may bore you, get lost or get broken, but your memories and positive experiences will always stick around and bring a smile on your face even in your darkest hours. So visiting one, or all of these locations can mean more to you than simply meets the eye.

Pulau Sugi, Indonesia

Photo Courtesy: TelunasResorts.com
Photo Courtesy: TelunasResorts.com

What can hope to represent the notion of tropical paradise more clearly than the idea of spending your days in a villa on one of the most beautiful Indonesian beaches? The greatest thing about these villas is that they alone were based on the traditional, native Riau architecture, thus, apart from making them completely eco-friendly, they enable one to live through a completely authentic experience of the old Indonesia.

Photo Courtesy: TelunasResorts.com
Photo Courtesy: TelunasResorts.com

The seclusion of this location and its mysterious rustic ambience also make it a perfect location for a romantic holiday that you wish to spend with your significant other. Is there anything more romantic than going on the midnight stroll on the pale moonlight with the person you love, while surrounded with one of the world’s most strikingly beautiful beaches? Apart from these incredible natural wonders, you will also at the same time be able to enjoy all the commodities of the modern tourism. Truly a combination that is hard to top by anything.



Spending only a couple of days in Bali will surely make it into a place that you will definitely want to visit again. Bali has a lot to offer to those willing and patient enough to explore it carefully, so why not test this in practice by staying in one of the authentic Bali villas during your visit and spending there as much time as this beautiful island deserves?

Photo Courtesy: belong-dua.pool-villa-bali.com
Photo Courtesy: belong-dua.pool-villa-bali.com

Explore photogenic Bali volcanic lakes, truly a sight that doesn’t let you go, or spend some time learning as much as you can about Bali’s tradition and history. The choice is yours. Explore its mesmerizing landscapes on one of the villa’s bicycles, go for a stroll amongst its amazing rice fields. You can even decide to raise your adrenaline to the level undreamed of by engaging in one of many surfing competitions which take place there. For those interested in spending some quality time with their friends in somewhat more traditional manner scenic Nirwana Bali Golf Course is second to none.  

Koh Samui, Thailand

Photo Courtesy: Samujana.com
Photo Courtesy: Samujana.com

Probably one of the most beautiful tropical destinations there is. Some would go as far as to say that the image that most people have in their head when imagining a tropical paradise, is the real life on Koh Samui. Renting villa on this dreamlike island is a decision that you will surely never regret since its incredible and diverse locations are simply perfect for all sorts of occasions.

Koh Samui is also one of the most romantic spots on Earth, and if you were thinking of how to plan your wedding in Thailand this island is simply perfect for organizing a wedding or going on a honeymoon. Here you can go to spend a couple of romantic intimate days with your significant other or to go to an extended holiday with your entire family.


Photo Courtesy: villaescudero.com
Photo Courtesy: villaescudero.com

These islands, changed hands many times during their history and it is a fact that every of its conquerors or liberators left their unique mark on the culture of this incredible place. A bit of this amazing diversity can be seen in the fact that the accommodations here range from riverside cottages to the modern apartment style units. All of them were made out of the indigenous materials, thus doing their part in the fight for the preservation of our planet. Near the local restaurant there is an amazing movie-like waterfall, which will surely enhance in the mind of every visitor the long forgotten magical properties of the lost tropical paradises.

Shanghai, China


However, if you had something quite luxurious and excessive in mind, you should definitely take a look at this amazing villa in the vicinity of Shanghai. In the last decade, China had advanced financially in a way and pace that no one believed possible, and this amazing estate is the perfect monument to this progress and prosperity. This 300 square meters, five bedrooms and three bathrooms luxury villa, is a perfect place for you to find your peace, of course if the finances allow it.

Photo Courtesy: luxuryestate.com
Photo Courtesy: luxuryestate.com

Impressionists claimed that there are as many realities as there are human minds. With this in mind, it is easy to understand how each of these completely different locations, can all represent the ideal villa resort. In the end, and in the light of all aforementioned, all that it comes to now, is your own personal preference. The world is your oyster.

Written by Nicole Noel

Nicole is an avid traveller. She likes to explore different cultures and to share her experiences. She’s also a writer at http://highstylife.com/ . In her free time she likes to prepare meals for her friends.


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