#Nomnom: Bombay Brasserie Review

“First we eat, then we do everything else.” -M.F.K. Fisher

And before we eat, we click their pictures. Jokes apart, I have always been a foodie and rather a proud one too. So, this new section is an attempt to share my love for food across to all my readers. Starting my series of hunger inducing reviews with the Bombay Brasserie, Kolkata.

My Experience:
To be extremely candid, when this place opened, I was slightly reluctant as I had prejudged the food to be of the quintessential greasy North Indian kind. But I am so glad I finally tried it out. Bombay Brasserie serves anything but oily food. Even the Parathas (Fried Indian Bread) have a moderately low amount of oil which perfectly suited my taste buds. The mocktails at Bombay Brasserie  are quite creative in a contemporary Desi way.
Few interesting ones are:
Kacche Aam ka Sherbet
Khus Cooler
Rosy Gulaabi Sherbet
Peach Margarita
Tangy Peru
Rosy Vanilla Sherbet
Watermelon Blossom
Kacche Aam ka Sherbet is a must-try and will never leave you disappointed.




For the soup, I tried their Murg Badami Shorba which was served in a very pretty bowl. The soup is thick yet on the lighter side.  So in case you are inclined to a spicier taste, this is not for you. As for starters, I feel Bombay Brasserie does a brilliant job. The Gunpowder Potatoes has to be my personal favorite along with the crispy Andhra Chicken. As my blogger friend, Astha said, “Andhra Chicken is the perfect starter for the monsoons and is the best non-vegetarian replacement to Pyaz Pakodas”.



My main course at Bombay Brasserie consisted of Paneer Sirka Pyaaz, Tarkari Masaledaar, Kaali Daal, Salli Chicken and Martaban Achari Chicken, all served with Churchur Paratha, Saffron Paratha followed by Handi Biriyani. Special mention about the Saffron Paratha which was the best ever. Also, the Handi Biriyani was a balance of taste and perfect aroma.



Keeping the best for the last, the dessert! The Chocolate Kurkure with Icecream and Jalebi with Rabri stole my heart, absolutely.



#Nomnom mentions:
Kacche Aam ka Sherbet
Gunpowder Potatoes
Saffron Parathas
Chocolate Kurkure
Also,  Also the Garlic Raita and the Aloo Papad requires special mention. 

Good place for fine dining, comfortable seating and good service.

What could have been better:
Good music would have made the experience even better. Also, the paper table-mats could be replaced.

Bombay Brasserie stands on the fifth floor of Quest Mall, 33 Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Kolkata, right beside the Irish House.

North Indian and Awadhi.

Pocket Pinch:
A good meal will make your pocket lighter by approximately Rs 1200.

So here is the #Nomnom Report



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