#GuestPost: How to throw a Masquerade Party on a Budget


Ever since the 15th century, masquerade balls have been popular all over the world. The sense of mystery and intrigue and flamboyant clothes can spice up any atmosphere. This is the reason they have been revived. Additionally, they can be organized in a snap without breaking the bank.



You do not need to shell out the large sums of money on store-bought invitations when you can make your own, more personalized invitations. If you feel creative, hand-made invitations will be a real treat. All you need are coloured cardstocks, scissors, glue, a pencil, a ruler and decorations such as ribbons you can find at local craft store. The possibility of printing out ready-made templates is always an option if you are pressed for time. When it comes to the content of invitations, you can find it here. The special attention should be paid to an invitation wording so that it suits your party theme. Some of the masquerade party invitation wordings can be found online for free.



Costumes are the main part of a masquerade ball. To save your money, you can try making your own costume and mask. If you are not skilled with sewing, you can create a DIY project and make a masquerade mask. However, buying a costume online is maybe the most affordable option. Various online stores offer free next day delivery, so you will save money and get the coolest costume at the same time.



As with costumes and invitations, making decorations can be a great DIY project. Have fun, be creative and gather your friends to make an ultimate masquerade party decorations. I am sure that your inspiration is just one Google page away as you can find tons of beautiful decorations. Include a ribbon backdrop, flag signs and a centrepiece for the most stunning masquerade party décor. Decorate the entrance door by making a balloon arch and handmade masks you can place at the top of the arch. To jazz up the romantic atmosphere, make your own glittered candle holders and add some coloured feathers at the sides. Masquerade ball paper plates are great idea to make your party absolutely perfect. You will definitely have a unique dining set if you choose them.

Food and drink


Cut down on catering expanses and with the help of your friends create your own menu for the party. For a masquerade ball, it is important to serve bite-size portions. In order to bring Venetian atmosphere back to your venue, serve olives sprinkled with herbs on cocktail stick skewers. You can also prepare pastries. Find sheets of pasta, cut them in ribbons, deep-fry them and sprinkle with sugar. For a main course, you can choose meat kebabs with grilled vegetables. When it comes to dessert, chocolate mousse is the best option. Who doesn’t like chocolate? Right? All these recipes are easy to prepare, the ingredients are inexpensive and I am sure they will be delicious. Finally, we do not want to forget cocktails such as dry martini, the Flambeaux, green hurricane, Cajun lemonade, etc. Provide water and soft drinks as well.

A masquerade party has always been synonymous with having a good time and having fun. All the more reason to throw one this weekend.

Peter Minkoff
(Read his previous post here)


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