Six Inches for the Beginner

I never wear flats. My shoes are so high that sometimes when I step out of them, people look around in confusion and ask, “Where’d she go?” and I have to say, “I’m down here.
-Marian Keyes


Nobody can deny the things a sexy pair of heels can do to us. But for most of us it is style accompanied by major discomfort  (as much as we hate to accept). So here I have a step by step guide to update yourself to the magical six inches!

Level 1: The low wedges
If you are a total flats person, this is a great option to start with. Go for a wedge that is almost as high at the toe as it is at the heel. The thumb rule is to keep the foot as horizontally placed as possible is you are a beginner.

Wedges from Catwalk

Level 2: The high wedges
Now that you have mastered the low wedges, you can comfortably upgrade yourself to the high wedges. Though the high wedges would keep your foot inclined, they have their heels all through and hence the hassle of balancing yourself on a stick is gone.


Wedges from Catwalk

Level 3: The cork heels
If walking in high wedges get as smooth a butter, it is time to balance yourself on the stick. But for the stiletto beginner, a pair of cork heels is the best bet ever. The cork gives great cushioning and reduces the foot ache to a great extent.

Heels from Nine West

Level 4: Chunky Heels/ Platforms 
As you climb higher, these start becoming your best friends. They look uber chic and manage to compliment almost any outfit. Open toed shoes are always a better option as the toes hurt a lot less in them.

Heels from Emami Shopping Complex

Level 5: Mary Jane Stilettos
Now that heels feel like a breeze put your foot down (err up) a pair of stilts. I would suggest Mary Janes for the strap on which gives it additional support beside the cutesie factor.

Heels from Zipper, Gangtok

Level 6: Ankle strap Stilettos
And the final stride…sky high stilettos. Put them on and live your Cinderella dream


Heels from Metro

Lots of love



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