The other shade of Ray

“Elegance isn’t solely defined by what you wear. It’s how you carry yourself, how you speak, what you read.”
-Carolina Herrera

To add to the above, elegance is mostly defined by a beautiful heart and a kind smile. When I met Lisa Ray, at the Amrapali launch, I was swept off by the aura around her. Her dazzling smile topped with her amicable nature is all that one needs to make one’s day. Talking to her made me realise that a woman’s beauty lies in her heart and the way she perceives things and people. Here is a side of Ray that makes her absolutely enchanting as she talks about her personal style, strengths and her fight with cancer.

What is the kind of jewelry you would relate yourself with?
Lisa: I like pieces that have a history to them, or have been inspired by a period of time. I love picking up one kind of a signature piece and flaunt that. It of course depends on the occasion and situation.


Fashion for you is..
Lisa: Fashion is fickle. It keeps changing with time.

Gold, silver or diamonds…
Lisa: How can you simply choose between your children? *In mock astonishment as we burst into a giggle* It’s always a mix and match between all the three.

What are your usual picks on a regular day?
Lisa: I usually like to wear nice dangling earrings as that finishes off a look. Of course I always have my wedding ring on, that’s absolutely non-negotiable. *We go “aww” as she smiles looking at it*. I love wearing rings, often I’d go for a fabulous ring. But if I am wearing a neck piece I would tone down the earrings.

What is that one thing you love about yourself?
Lisa: Well, appearance-wise I love my feet. Aren’t they small and elegant? *Shows us her feet with a wicked smile as we go “oooh” looking down at it.
In a deeper perspective, we are all flawed in our own ways. But I would say I am very open. I am open to new experiences,  to meeting people. I am infact open to failing. I believe it is very important to be open to failing in order to succeed.


What has been the biggest turning point in your life?
Lisa: There have been many, the most recent one being Cancer. Being diagnosed with cancer made me embrace life more fully. It has taught me my priorities. Though I am still under medication, I am living life better than I have ever lived. I think we unnecessarily complicate life. I have learnt to chalk out what is important and pay attention to it.

Your message to fighters
Lisa: Live a full life despite all the obstacles that you face. Look at my life, I met my husband after being diagnosed with cancer, I started working on new projects, discovered passions like writing, relocated to Asia, something that I always wanted to.


Recent jewelry bought: A vintage statement ring
Favourite places in Kolkata: The Oberoi Grand Hotel, College Street, Indian Coffee House
Favourite food: “Nolen Gur” (A special jaggery found in Bengal)

P.S: Did you know Lisa loves Supernatural Spirits? 

Lisa Ray is wearing a Pranay Baidya gown along with jewelry from Amrapali Jaipur.

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