Amrapali Jaipur launches an Exclusive Gold Boutique in Kolkata

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”
-Coco Chanel

Amrapali Jaipur has sweared by this belief since its inception in 1978. Remember Deepika Padukone’s trend-setting “Chaand-Baalis” in the movie Ramleela? Amrapali Jewellery was where it came from. When history students turned creators of Amrapali, Mr. Rajiv Arora and Mr. Rajesh Ajmera decided to explore the Indian heritage and art in terms of jewellery, little did they know that a few years down the line, they would mesmerise the world with their creations. Amrapali has made the rich Indian culture take a major stand in the global arena. With their jewellery showcased in the fashion weeks in New York, Milan, Lagos and Paris.




This revolutionary jewellery cult has opened doors to it’s exclusive Gold Boutique at Forum Courtyard, Kolkata. Present at the launch were the creators of Amrapali, Rajiv and Rajesh along with their Eastern India Partner, Kamna Saraf. Bollywood diva Lisa Ray showcased the exquisite Amrapali Jewellery as she interacted with all the bloggers. The models showcasing the jewellery have been styled by designer Pranay Baidya.



The Amrapali Silver had been extremely well responded by the Kolkatans. The gold boutique adds with itself a wide range of new designs and vibrancy.
A talk with the creators, Rajiv and Rajesh gave me a bigger picture of the iconic label Amrapali.








Amrapali Beliefs:

Amrapali designs are futuristic designs. They have been inspired by history and art through different era and focus on designs that have and will continue to remain in fashion.

Amrapali takes encouragement and positivity from all those who tend to copy their designs. They believe them to play a role in making them even more popular.

Amrapali does a thorough research on the tastes and dressing sense of all those who are styled by them be it in Bollywood or Hollywood.

Each of their designs are absolutely unique thus making a major statement for the ones wearing it.

Did you know, Shakira is a major fan of Amrapali? Now that gives me one more reason to shop from them.

Amrapali Jaipur in Kolkata
Forum Courtyard
Elgin Road

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