The Story of Menswear Designer, Ratul Sood

Kolkata, a city well known for its “Babu-Culture” has always had a stark similarity to Europe when it came down to it’s people, right from the love for chauffeur-driven cars and art to the little luxuries in life. When we talk of luxury in fashion, nothing speaks better than a well-tailored suit for the man. The iconic Burlingtons of Kolkata have been providing the city’s people with great style and fit since their inception in 1968. Drawing inspirations from the Milan fashion industry, the Burlingtons had been styling the city’s men with unparalleled designs, cut and fit. This legendary label have recently adorned a new avatar by re-branding themselves as “Sood”, thus bringing a greater sense of contemporary style to Kolkata.


Ratul Sood, the brains behind the label “Sood” is equally charming as his designs. “I consider myself more of a stylist than a designer, you see”, he said with a smile when I asked him about his work. True to his words, he provides a one to one service to his clientèle, ensuring not only a perfect fit but also styling it perfectly.


His journey to the fashion world:
His family business, The Burlingtons planted the first seed of fashion in him. The fact that men’s designers were rare, triggered him towards his career in Men’s fashion. Ratul went off to Paris after college and worked with the iconic Pierre Cardin. It was there that he learnt the knick knacks of the Fashion Industry, marketing, merchandising and manufacturing. His homecoming in 1990 marked a new beginning as he took upon the Burlingtons.

From “Burlingtons” to “Sood”
The Burlingtons though was doing extremely well in the arena of fashion, Ratul realised that there was a lot to be explored in terms of fit and designs. He felt that they needed to be more aggressive. It was then that he he stepped in and decided to come out of the “Mom and Pop culture”. Sood brought with itself a new energy. This new energy made the business larger and better.


Fashion Inspirations:
He draws inspirations from leaders in the fashion industry like Armani,  Dolce & Gabbana and Prada who started off humbly and made it big.


Biggest USP of his label
Fit, and nothing else matters. His label aims to provide the quintessential Italian fit with Indian aesthetics. Moreover, the fabrics are mainly imported from Italian fashion houses like Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Reda,  Dormeuil for the suits. The embellishments are imported from Germany while their embroidery is hand crafted by the artisans of Bengal.

Indian works touch based
His works have embroideries ranging from Kashmir to Bengal.

The Ratul Sood man
Sood’s clientèle is the young generation who are extremely fashion conscious. “I love when my clients challenge me through different looks. I love it when they do their research on the latest trends and know exactly what they are looking for”. Ratul has the perfect suit for every occasion, be it a destination wedding in Thailand or a traditional wedding, and every personality, right from the experimentative to the classic.

Source: Telegraph
Source: Telegraph

Kolkata and Fashion
“People of Kolkata value their money. Although they are fashion conscious, they would think twice before exorbitantly splurging on a designer suit every time”. That is where they step in, providing great fit and style at a moderate price.

Ratul Sood has worked with the KKR Team, Shahrukh Khan, Karan Paul, Shashi Tharoor, Jay Mehta, Gautam Gambhir, Manoj Tiwari, Eoin Morgan and many more.

Sood Flagship Store:
43 Park Mansion, Park Street.
Kolkata 16.
Opposite Mocambo.


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