Embracing the Crop-Top trend on a Curvy Body

Although I have been a non – follower of trends and have maintained a body positive attitude all through, I cannot help but admit that there have been times when I really wished to try certain trends which may prove to be unflattering to my body type. This goes out to the crop-top trend that had been ruling the fashion scene since almost a year. To be honest, I had even tried toning down the abdomen to try this trend, only to have been overpowered by my sweet-tooth.

Very recently, I decided to be brave and try out the crop top. Inspirations from other plus-sized bloggers around the globe finally made me go for it. I decided to style it with a contrasting high-waist pencil skirt. This left a modest strip of skin for display, keeping it subtle yet chic.





Outfit Details:

Crop Top: Fashion at Big Bazaar
Pencil skirt: Myntra
Scarf: New Market streets
Nude wedges: Catwalk
Owl Printed Clutch: Chumbak

Photos by Megha Dasgupta

Now that I have worn a crop top and loved it, I am about to go on a rampant DIY spree now. Stay tuned for it.

Lots of Love


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