In Conversation with Gen-Y Jewelry Designer, Tsukanya Majumdar

There are very few who show courage to follow their passion. And when passion meets talent and creativity, it creates magic. Tsukanya is one such fiercely talented ladies who at such an early age creates beauties in the form of grunge jewelry. Her designs are a portrayal of her moods, imagination or anything that interests her.


1. When and how did you start designing jewelry?
Tsukanya: Designing jewelry was initially not on the cards. It was a school time hobby of me and my elder sister. We made random jewelry for ourselves out of scrap beads bangles for school cultural activities. But never took it seriously.  I made few pieces in the first year of my college then took it to another level of  Experimenting and creating which gave birth to new designs and concepts on the  go.

2. Are your designs inspired by something or someone?
Tsukanya: Everything inspires me. No one or nothing in particular. Nature, colours,  people, traditions, inspire me. I don’t follow trends blindly but fuse them together to create something new.


3. What is your take on women entepreneurship?
Tsukanya: In this period of feminism  i believe every woman should be self dependant

4. How difficult does it get as a woman to keep yourself at par with the male chauvinism?
No difficulty at all. There should be no distinction between the gender after all its the product that one should respect equally with the sexes. 

5. Have you ever felt it come in way of you creativity?
My brand caters mostly for the women the only time I face difficulty is when I have to make a piece for the men else I make my own way. 

6. What is your opinion about following trends? 
Not judgemental. If you think you look good flaunt yourself. 

7. And your opinion about the idea of the perfect body?
Every body is perfect.  Be healthy and balanced 

8. Which one among your designs remain the most special and why?
There are loads i love the Dreamcatchers my clients love them too. An union of past and present the junk Dreamcatchers are special. They are tribal yet modern. 


9. Which woman do you consider as your idol and inspiration?
No woman in particular.  Its both my parents. They are exceptionally creative in their own way and it runs in my genes

10. Any advice you would like to give to our readers?
To the stoners – let art overpower the world. Spread positive vibes to each soul. To the non stoners- keep a stoner in your company. 🙂

Do check out her beautifully hand-crafted jewelry on her Facebook Page.

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