#Thrifted: Fashion Finds within Rs. 150

Fashion can never be defined by fancy labels and exorbitant price – tags.  Sometimes, the best of fashion could be discovered on the streets at unbelievable prices. Keeping this in mind, I have started a new section on my blog, #Thrifted, which is going to be all about affordable fashion.


I have been a major street – shopper and some of my all time favourite outfit pairings have been teaming a high end label with a street find. These fashion finds were during one such trips to New Market, Kolkata.

1.  Superhero Boyfriend T-Shirt, Rs 150 (2.4$ approx.)


However clichéd they may get, I’ll never get tired of superhero tees. Plus, getting one at this price makes it truly lust worthy. I have a DIY in mind with this. Can you guess what?

2. Perfume Bottle Printed Scarf,  Rs 100 (1.6$ approx )


Peeping out of a bundle of colorful scarves was this piece of beauty. Wear it like a sarong or team it with a pair of distressed jeans an a white tank top.

3. Round Frame Sunglasses, Rs 100 (1.6$ approx)


Do we need to say more?

4. Silver Hand-Harness, Rs 100 (1.6$ approx)


This was selling for Rs. 250 for a pair. Applaud my bargaining skills!

Tell me about your most favourite buy from the streets. Till then, stay gorgeous.



  1. When I found out finally Kolkata street shops are selling round sunglasses at such prices, can you guess my joy? I have worn only round glasses ever since I can remember. I had a red rimmed pair as a kid too. God knows where my parents found that one from.


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