Studio Pomegranate: Creating Extraordinary out of Everyday

“The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is the place where it happens” – Studio Pomegranate

And while we are creating memories and freezing our moments, “extraordinary” is something that cannot be compromised with.

In recent times I have been extremely blessed to have known Nidhi and Rahul, the masterminds behind Studio Pomegranate. Studio Pomegranate is the first of it’s unique kind of professional photo studio, located at Wood Street, Kolkata complete with lights, camera and Rahul behind the camera. What started off 5 years ago with an intention of immortalising moments through photographing children, has spread to different genres like Portraits,  Beauty, Fashion, Family, Products and many more.

The Pomegranate family is not the usual “click and shoo” that you see around. They believe in building relationships through their work. “The best part about our job, we get to connect with so many different people everyday”, says Rahul, the camera genius. The charming Nidhi adds, “It’s not possible to capture the moment unless the ones getting clicked are really comfortable.” Comfortable and how! If you step inside the Studio even for the first time, you’ll realise the warmth that lies in there. Chill over a cup of exotic tea from their collection, soothe your nerves,  fix your hair and makeup at the well-lit mirror and get yourself shot. And in case you are among the ones not sure about the pose, Rahul would guide you through like a breeze, not to mention tickling your funny bones with hilarious stories. Yes, that is how much fun the whole photo-shoot process is. So once the shoot is done, it’s no surprise that you are clicked at your vibrant best and that side of you gets frozen in the photograph for a lifetime.

Besides photography, Studio Pomegranate also hosts a number of photography workshops with internationally acclaimed photographers. Here is a glimpse of their studio.

Studio Pomegranate
Studio Pomegranate
The photo-wall at the studio
The photo-wall at the studio
The Pomegranate's Tea Collection
The Pomegranate’s Tea Collection


Blogger and Designer Anupriya getting shot
Blogger and Designer Anupriya getting shot
Me getting my Portfolio Shot
Me getting my Portfolio Shot

And yes! Here is what I look like when I am really really happy. And who would not be considering my perfect Studio Pomegranate moment.

2015-03-08 00.17.26

Do check out their website at



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