In Conversation with designer Gaurang Shah

I entered the plush yet warm, six-month old Gaurang Shah store on a sunny Wednesday morning, slightly nervous about my first celebrity designer interaction ever. The moment I stepped in, I was instantly comforted by the bright smiling faces of everyone including Gaurang Shah, the designer, fondly called “the master of weaves”. A striking contrast to the usual glitterati of the Fashion Industry, Gaurang maintains a style that speaks simplicity. Despite his celebrity stature he is extremely humble and straightforward to the core.

The Gaurang Shah store in Southern Avenue
The Gaurang Shah store in Southern Avenue

I listened to his story as I sipped on to my Cappuccino. “Colors, textures and materials have always intrigued me, since I was a boy of 8”. He continued,  “I loved helping around in my Dad’s store which sold yarns of material for blouses. I realized my knack of matching colors like a pro by simply looking at something. It was something genetic,  something that ran in my blood. ” Gaurang brought in handloom during a time when everyone was enthralled with embroidery, sequins and all that jazz.

Weaver's Wheel
Weaver’s Wheel

He started off by opening his own store, and making blouses out of Saris collected from different places. Eventually, he started getting his own yarn and fabrics woven. People loved the fabric and started buying “thaan” as Saris. Gaurang likes offering his customers new ideas, new designs. His designs, textures changes every year and each year it gets more experimentative,  more challenging

His designs are inspired by nature and art. One of his collections have been inspired by the Bidri art which has been incorporated in Benarasi Saris. Gaurang loves experimenting with his designs. He has infused Kanjeevaram on Organza and incorporated Gujarat’s Patan Patola in Jamdani Weaves.

Gujarat's Patan Patola incorporated in Jamdani Weaves
Gujarat’s Patan Patola incorporated in Jamdani Weaves
Kanjeevaram on Organza
Kanjeevaram on Organza

Gaurang has been a regular at Lakme Fashion Week and was awarded the best Indian Textile designer there. He has been a part of the Lavera Eco Show in Berlin and has styled actresses like Sonam Kapoor, Kirron Kher and many others. From Saris he has spread his expertise and design to outfits for both men and women.  Besides a major impact in the Indian fashion scene, his work has empowered hundreds of villages. “The villages has totally changed! They now live a comfortable life in equally comfortable houses”, he said smiling.

Gaurang with one of his creations in Khadi Gaurang with one of his creations in Khadi

Here is a glimpse of his store in Southern Avenue as he unveiled his Spring Summer collection,’Grisma’.








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