Peaches, Creams and Spring-Like Dreams

What is the first thing that occurs to your mind when you hear “Peaches and Creams”? Fair-skinned? Beatiful? How often has beauty been associated with the light-skinned?

It is very unfortunate how colonialism has changed the Indian mindset to “Fair being Lovely”. The very same society which was home to well-known dusky beauties like Draupadi, now sells whitening creams and fairness packs to over enthusiastic customers. The fact that the whole notion of beauty remains constricted to fair skin and not a beautiful mind has given way to an overrated and absurd idea of beauty.

Beauty is not about your skin or your body. It is about a positive state of mind. It is about celebrating your skin and body and feel gorgeous in it. Beauty is about a hearty laugh and a heartier appetite. It is about living life king size and living the present to the fullest.

This post is celebrating my ‘un’fair skin in this ‘fair-loving’ world, living the Peaches and Creams dreams through my outfit.









Also, I cannot get enough of draping the 9 yards. It makes me feel so beautiful, always. How did I learn to drape it? Read it all here.

Outfit Details:

Peach Sari: Local Boutique
Cream blouse: Self designed
Golden box clutch: Pantaloons
Stilettos: Metro Shoes
Earrings: Chique Fashions
Watch: Giordano

Photos by Anjan Dasgupta

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