Essence of the Roots

Bengal, which has now been dissected into West Bengal and East Bengal (present day Bangladesh) once stood glorified in unity, as the land of Tagore and “Ilish”, where the river Ganga mothered the river Padma in one land devoid of geographical boundaries. It stood tall as a land where intellect and culture spoke greater than religious backgrounds. Yet, despite being separated and divided by a physical boundary since 67 years, blood certainly proves itself to be thicker than a mere barbed wire. Little could the divided India do to lessen the love across boundaries..the common love that we share over literature, sweets and music.

I belong to the clan popularly known an “Bangaal”, having my roots in East Bengal. If you are from Bengal you must be aware of the pseudo-rivalry between the Bangaals and Ghotis (ones having their roots in West Bengal). I have always strongly embraced my Bangladesh roots in every way possible.  I have felt a strong sense of bonding with my ancestral land.

This post is a tribute to my roots where I am wearing a traditional “Dhakai Jamdani” sari. These Saris are purely hand woven and come in all beautiful colors.





Outfit Details:
Sari: Dhakai Jamdani, gifted by dad from Dhaka
Blouse: Designed by Urmi
Sling Bag: Leather factory outlet

Photos by: Shiladitya Chatterjee


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