To the Streets

It has been nearly 2 years since I graduated from my picturesque college in Sikkim. End of college meant bidding goodbye to many a people who had been close to me. As much as we try, the bitter truth remains that professional life has us all so tied up that travelling around to meet your friends gets somewhat difficult. So, when my best friend from college happened to be in town, I did not miss my chance of meeting him after two long years. And as a cherry on the cake, he is a passionate photographer and was bringing his camera along. No prizes for guessing, what we ended up doing besides catching up on the two years’ worth stories.

As a bonus, it was Republic Day, which meant, I was dressed in my desi best. Incorporating the colors of the Indian national flag in my outfit, I desided to team my Global Desi kurta-shirt with a jute Nehru jacket. I skipped stilettos for a pair of flat “Jootis”. The canvas bag gifted by my bestie and the photographer of this post added the final pop to my outfit.





Wardrobe Details:

Kurta-Shirt : Global Desi
Nehru Jacket: Khadi
Jeans: Globus
Bag: Gifted
Shoes: Local fair

Photos by Kaustav Sen.

About Kaustav:
Kaustav Sen is a Mechanical Engineer (and my bestie in grad school) besides being an equally passionate photographer. I have always seen him capturing landscapes, skies and people through his phone-camera until had his first DSLR. Each of his photos have a story. Kaustav has recently started blogging about his photography check out his blog here.

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