Earthen Sojourn

There is something about the fresh aroma of the earth, the subtle cacophony of the birds and the lush greens which makes me want to live amidst it. Even the biggest luxuries of the city has never been able to hold me back from my often visits to villages. The fresh air of the farms and fields literally has spa-like effects on my otherwise stressed body.

Though I had been a frequent visitor of the Rural Bengal, I had never been lucky enough to visit a farm until now. It was during one of these trips that my Dad took me to his friend’s farm at Gaighata, West Bengal. Complete with ducks, lambs, goats and fishes, this was like paradise to me.

The simplicity of the people and the beautiful coexistence made me wonder, how difficult is it to bring this simplicity to the city?






Outfit Details:

Trench Coat: Max Fashion
Jeans: Globus
Bag: Elliza Donatein
Wedge heels: Catwalk
Sunglasses: Archies

Photos by Anjan Dasgupta

Location: KDS Farms, Thakurnagar

I love the way my outfit mixes in with the color of the earth. I love how the beauty of the farm doubled up as extremely photograph-worthy backdrops. I love how this place drew me in and makes me want to go back again.

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