Shackled in Serenity

Ironical it may sound for serenity to be equalled to a state of being shackled. Yet, it is very true. Imagine a state of utmost peace, a state belonging to an epitome of contentment…purely static, almost dormant. I believe a certain amount of unrest is required to maintain a state of activity within oneself. Disharmony balances harmony and that keeps life going. There is beauty in waves and gusts of strong wind. Similarly, a state of constant harmony and peace leads to ultimate boredom and dormancy. The zeal to excel comes from the slight dissatisfaction and that my dear, results in perfection.





It is the very disharmony caused within me as a result of my passion for styling and fashion that has kept my blog alive. Despite a busy schedule, I make sure I have time for my passion. And the effect that blogging has on me is way more than any amount of meditation could give.

Outfit Details:

Camisole: Jockey
Black vest: Darjeeling Streets
White sweater: Gangtok
Printed leggings: Darjeeling Streets
Bag: Gangtok
Shoes: Streets of Kolkata, Gariahat
Necklace: Pieces, Vero Moda
Shades: Rayban

Photos by Shiladitya Chatterjee.

In case you have noticed, the blog has a new logo. I am no designer, hence kept it very basic, yet the logo manages to portray almost everything the blog is about.

Keep showering your love as you do.

Lots of love,

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