The Last Minute Guide to NYE Dressing

We are just a day away from the Grand yearly farewell and to new beginnings. Such special goodbyes deserve a great party in a super awesome outfit. But wait! 31st December happens to be a weekday and unfortunately it is not national holiday. So what do we do? Bunk the New Years Eve party? Or crash into one in our office clothes? Fortunately for all the working ladies, New Years bashes are late night affairs and hence dropping by after work is no big deal. All you need is a quick, hassle-free look you can put up quickly after work.

1. Statement Jewelry

Photograph by Smarak Chatterjee
Photograph by Smarak Chatterjee

When in a rush, bank on a Statement Necklace for an instant fashion upgrade. In case you are rushing to a party directly from work, and have no time whatsoever to change, you may consider putting on a statement jewelry over your office formals.

2. Maxi dresses are ALWAYS a good option


Not only do they look absolutely chic, they also serve multiple purposes, one being covering your legs in the cold December night.

3. Sometimes all you need is an embellished clutch


If you are in a major time crunch, all you need, to transform your look itls an embellished clutch.

4. Swear by the RED pout

2014-12-30 22.35.30

Last but not the least, remember to wear that stunning smile and have fun. Nothing looks more gorgeous!

Wishing you all a great end to 2014 and a great start.



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