Monalisa gone Desi

Jhumka -check
Nathni -check
Maang Tika -check
Desi Drama -double check

Through the ages, Indian-ness has been widely celebrated. My love for the desi glamour has never been new. Be it draping the elegant 9 yards or adding an element of tradition to my outfit, I have always embraced my inner “desi” side whole – heartedly.  And who would not? Where else would you find such opulence,  such exuberance?

And what if one fine day you wake up to realise,  the whole world has turned to the language of the soil?  Art, literature, music…what if they all fuse with the rich Indian culture?  I do not know if that will ever come out of the imaginary state but this new OOTD shows what happens when Da Vinci’s Monalisa goes desi.






Outfit details:
Top: Akriti, Pantaloons
Jacket: Zink London
Jeans: Globus
Stilettos: Thrifted
Bag: Elliza Donatein
Watch: Giordano

Photos by Shiladitya Chatterjee

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Pooja Dasgupta

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