Gypsy Diaries

One night, when I was young, I dreamt of a lady, someone almost like a fairy godmother, a wish fairy. I have always believed in dream-fairies..but this lady was nothing close to one. Neither did she have wings, nor did she carry a wand. But the unworldly contentment on her face, the honesty behind her laughter made me wonder. Out of awe and equal curiosity I asked her, “Who art’ thou? Have we met before?”. All I received as her response was that smile, that infectious smile. My fidgety, impatient self went on about the same question but in vain. But then I noticed something. I knew that face, infact I knew it very well. That was me in the future. Rather I was staring at a mirror of my own future. A reflection of a carefree me, a wild and rustic me.

Sensing my inner commotion the lady started speaking. Oh my! The voice! That was familiar…it was as if I heard myself speak..loud and clear with an energy I had never known before. Her voice left me in a daze. She asked me for a boon and all I wanted then was to be like her. She whispered a secret in my ears and left with a flash.


I woke up happy and never stopped smiling. The warmth of positiveness started to engulf me from within like magic. I started to love myself, to love others. I began to dress for myself and respect God’s creations…starting with my own body. And when I sit down and comptemplate the secret words of my inner angel, it reverberates from within, like the first time, saying,

“You are the carrier of a free heart. Your heart is a Gypsy. It is devoid of worries about the future or attachments to the past. It lives in the present. The heart is a free bird. It is pure. It yields no negative thoughts. It knows how to love and be happy. Listen to your heart and nurture it’s purity. That my dear, is the secret to happiness.



Outfit Details:
Printed Palazzos: Akriti, Pantaloons
Top: Gift by Dad
Bag: Elliza Donatein
Hat: Party Hunterz Delhi
Shades: Archies
Bracelets: Globs
Beaded necklaces: Thrifted
Flower hair tie: Thailand
Watch: Giordano
Feather earrings: Pieces, Vero Moda

Photos by Shiladitya Chatterjee.

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