10 ways to look Chic in a Music Festival

End of Halloween brings to us sweet November. The month of Fall, Fashion and Music. November here has kick-started with the Bacardi NH7 Weekender, a music festival which brings together musical talent around for a weekend of great music and super chic fashion. This is my first Weekender and hence I have more reason to be excited. Over the years, music and fashion have complimented each other. So it goes without saying that with the festival comes together a lot of experimentative street fashion. So in case you have been racking your brains, figuring out the perfect Weekender outfit, here I have 10 inspirations from the Coachella Music Festival.

1. Go wild with Accessories

2014-11-01 22.35.53
Image Courtesy: http://www.mercurynews.com

Music is untamed and wild. The true spirit of music comes out when you unleash yourself off all inhibitions. Go wild with Accessories. Head gears look super chic in music festivals. It’s fun, wild and colorful. Choose from feathers to edgy hats.

2. Opt for edgy prints

2014-11-01 22.47.52
Image Courtesy : http://www.iamnotobsessed.com

Quirky and edgy…you can never go wrong with these prints. Especially when you are to let your hair down and go crazy, fun prints take out your crazy side.

3. Make flowers your hair accessory BFF

2014-11-02 07.45.16
Image Courtesy: http://www.zimbio.com

Although floral crowns take us into a “Spring state of Mind”, they make a huge statement in Music festivals. It is the perfect accessory on case you are not the wild feather kind.

4. Play with fusion dressing

2014-11-02 07.57.28
Image Courtesy: http://www.crushable.com

Play around with elements of different cultures. Mix and match a heena tattoo and a jewel bindi with a bohemian attire, or wear your scarf the Babushka style. Run your imagination wild.

5. Don colorful maxi skirts/dresses

2014-11-02 08.18.31
Image Courtesy: http://www.rantlifestyle.com

You can never go wrong with a maxi. They are easy, breezy and totally chic.

6. When in doubt wear white

2014-11-02 08.41.17
Image Courtesy: http://www.posh24.com

Lace, chikans, ruffles…do we need to say more? Team Your favorite white outfit with coordinated accessories or simply play with color keeping the white outfit as a focal point.

7. Layer up your accessories

2014-11-02 09.42.54
Image Courtesy: blog.freepeople.com

Ditch statement necklaces for layered pieces. Layer a couple of fun pieces to bring out the edginess.

8. Get color coordinated

2014-11-02 09.53.47
Image Courtesy: flooks.net

Choose a single color and play around with it’s shades. If you are using different colors, take contrasting shades, unless you want to end up looking like a clown.

9. Switch to the backpack

2014-11-02 10.12.40
Image Courtesy: http://www.themusicvoid.com

Backpacks are a huge utility and make a major statement. Get yourself a tribal printed one for the effect.

10. Give your feet some comfort

2014-11-02 10.56.47
Image Courtesy: http://www.gotceleb.com

Keep those heels away for this day. Trust me, your feet will thank you for it. Also the feeling of strolling around on the lush grass is priceless. Choose from a wide range of flat boots, converse, bellies or chappals.

And lastly, put on that gorgeous smile and pose pretty whole the cameras hover around you.

Lots of love.


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