Halloween Make-up Tutorial: Annabelle

This post is meant only for the strong-hearted. The blog will not be responsible for any scare-attacks. Also, the blog cannot guarantee this face not scaring you in the middle of the night and laughing her rear off when you grow pale and white.


Mwaaahaaaaaaa *Spooky Background Score*

It is Halloween week *Spook Dance* *Yayy*. Call it my abnormal love for anything spooky, call it my crazy streak but anything paranormal gets my adrenaline rushing. And it is not a recent obsession. I have been watching horror shows and movies ever since I could remember. So no surprises when I claim Halloween to be my official favorite!

Unfortunately for me and fortunately for those around me, it is not very widely celebrated here. Hence I do not get to walk around like this and scare people. So I decided to not lose heart and create a look for Halloween.

The recently released movie, Annabelle had me hugely intrigued ever since it’s trailer came out. There is something about that creepy doll that made me want to create this look for Halloween.


For the base, I have used a white colored face mask and diluted it with a few drops of rose water. To give the base a shade of a pale skin, add a bit of Foundation and mix well.


Apply the mask evenly on your face and exposed parts of your neck and wait for it to dry. Apply a generous amount on your eyebrows in order to cover it. The mask gives a flaky skin effect which makes it even scarier. Next contour your cheeks. Annabelle has really high cheek bones. So figure out the base of your cheek bones and draw contour lines using a bronzer or a concealer of a dark shade. Use a kohl pencil to outline the hollow of you eyes. Open up ur eyes by covering up the waterline with white and extend it to the outside to give an illusion of wide round open eyes. Go wild with kohl pencil and make racoon eyes for the effect.


Use dark red lipstick for the lips and the cheeks. Make a deep cupid bow on the upper lips and shade it around with black. Make random hashes and cuts around on the face and neck. Draw really high arched eyebrows above your own.



For the hair, tie two plaits on either side leaving a section on the crown. Fold the crown section of hair into a fringe covering 3 quarters if your forehead. For the final effect, use red ribbons on your plaits and wear a long dress preferably with laces and pleats at the waist.

My apologies for scaring you with the pictures. But what is Halloween without a bit of that? *Wink* So let me know what you think about this look.


Wishing everyone a great Halloween! Do follow me on Instagram @Dialifestyle and Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Dialifestyle.


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