5 #Selfie Hacks You Must Not Miss


I been quite obsessed with the variations of the oh-so-trending #selfie for quite sometime now. Well who isn’t? Besides the fact that “Selfies” free you from the woes of hunting for a photographer, it also gives you the liberty of taking 5-6 (ummm 10-15 sometime maybe) retakes. We all have to claim ourselves guilty of literally filling up memory space with similar looking selfies till we arrive at the perfect Instagram/Facebook upload worthy one. Here I have listed a few fool-proof selfie hacks which work most of the times, at least for me!

1. Get the angle of your camera right

Remember one simple rule, an elevated angle drops pounds off you. Lift up up face slightly and angle your face. Usually a 45-60 degree upward angle works best. Angling your face will highlight the features of your face giving a sharp effect.


2. Do the hand-trick



This works like miracles for mirror- selfies and regular photographs. The trick is, angle your body transversely and place the hand (that is closer to the camera) lightly on your waist hear your hips. Reminds you of a celeb red carpet pose. Well there’s got to be a reason it’s a signature favorite. Arms tend to look plumper if kept lying flat on either side. The moment you fix it, it gives you the perfect pose.

3. Smile smile and smile

rose scarf3


Nothing can ever be more pleasantly infectious than a smile that reaches your eyes. Smile in front of the lens like you really mean it, like taking a selfie is the happiest thing to ever happen! Trust me, it lights up the pictures almost instantly.

4. Flaunt your accessories right



If you happen to accessorise you outfit, make sure you make them the focus of your selfie. This works as a subject of your selfie as well.

5. Get the Props right


Fun props make your selfies quirky and edgy. Choose from graphic design phone cases to out of the box-home decor to add a fun element. The Elephant Company has a wide-range collection of iPhone and Nexus phone cases, quirky home decor and lifestyle products. From vintage transport and elephants to aztec, their designs cover all out of the box ideas ever possible. Check out their online store for the fun element in your selfies.

So my gorgeous people, use these hacks and get yourselves the perfect selfies. Load your Instagram and Facebook with the perfect smile. Do not forget to follow me on Instagram @Dialifestyle and leave your Insta ids in the comments.



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