5 Ways to Look Stunning this Diwali

Lights, check.
Crackers, check.
Sweets, check.
Indian diva-Ness, check.

The Indian festival of lights is here again. If you are celebrating Diwali, you must be ticking off to the above. Here I have 5 Ways to stand out in a diwali party or a casual festive outing with family. Bring out your Indian diva and be ready to stun the world.

1. Let your eyes do the talking

Make a bold statement with your eyes. Peacock feather eyes look great during Indian festivals. Make the eyes the focus of your look and keep a subtle outfit. Read tutorial of the peacock feather eyes here.

2. Go high on the Jewelry Quotient

No festival is complete without a generous share of jewelry. Diwali as a matter of fact has a greater significance when it comes to jewelry given the Dhanteras that comes before Diwali. Diwali is about wishing for prosperity and well-being, hence looks best when jewelled up. Read more here

3. Dress up you hair

If you have long hair, it is always advisable to dress it up in an up-do. Besides the fact that it looks absolutely chic, it is also a way of staying safe from fire. Use bling hair accessories to make a statement. Read tutorial here

4. When in doubt, wear the Anarkali

Not the Sari/Lehenga person? Anarkali
suits are the answer to all your woes. Not as elaborate as a sari or lehenga, yet never compromises on the gorgeousness quotient, this has remained classy in all eras possible.

5. Get dressy in cotton

If you are planning to burst a lot o Crackers, it is advisable to stick to cotton. Read about the look here

And lastly do not forget to have oodles of fun. Wishing you all a very happy, prosperous and safe Diwali.


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