Wow tales

We all have had our shares of “wow” moments in life. Although the situation may differ individually, the exclamation remains same nonetheless. For some it might be a “creation” of their own, for many others it could be a “wow” sight or find. People I know have a “wow” significant other while many more go “wow” reminiscing their lives and adventures. Well, the list is quite endless.


If you ask me, it is very rare for me to not have a “wow” moment, being the optimist I am. Rather, anything and everything around me in this beautiful world makes me exclaim in amazement. My wonderful family, extremely supportive friends, the greenery, the concrete beauties, the water I get to drink, the air I get to breathe, the sole gratefulness of it all makes me go WoW!


And setting aside from the philosophical introspection, a pretty bag, a wonderful haul or a huge sale…you know what they do to me. This “wow” tee was one such moments of victory of a street haul. Pencil skirts which work wonders to flatter any body type seemed the best bet to team this graphic tee with.



And last but not the least, it happened to be one of those rare days when I switched to flats and loved every moment of it.

I am wearing:
Graphic tee: Thrifted
Pencil skirt: Jabong
Black pumps: Catwalk
Bag: Elliza Donatein

Photographer: Shiladitya Chatterjee

Do share your “wow” moments in the comments below. I’ll be back soon with another post. Till then take care and stay gorgeous!

Lots of love!

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