5 Quirky Chic Designer Labels You Must not Miss

All this time of following fashion has taught me one lesson which I keep chanting in most of my posts. Fashion is just another name for expressing one’s individuality, preferences and thinking process. A good style sense is one which combines high end labels and street hauls with utmost ease. My style is a reflection of my moods, hence it’s rather unpredictable and schizophrenic. Like I love street style, I also love to give a designer touch to my outfits. A recent visit to Chor Bazaar, an exhibition held at the Oberoi Grand curated by the fashion entrepreneur Paridhi Sukhani of Fuss got me in touch with a number of talented designers and fashion connoisseurs. I was almost lost among the out-of-the-box ideas to fashion. Here are a few I absolutely loved.

The Purple Sack

What made me notice The Purple Sack was their super quirky Graphic Printed scarves. designerpick3

Besides these beautiful pieces of quirk was a collection of box clutches. Most of them were the metallic and embroidered kind but there were a couple of graphic prints clutches as well. I loved the intricate detailing in each. You could check out their store here.



Desi chic…quirk with a twist..that is what Nutcase is all about. Utility and edgy is the main mantra of their collection. designerpick4 designerpick7

Ira Jewelry

Audrey Hepburn clutch..do I need to say more? Ira Jewelry had the chicest collection ever. Besides the Hepburn clutch that got me drooling, they also have some beautiful neck pieces ever! Perfect with any outfit these pieces are must haves this festive season. Check out more of their amazing collection on their Facebook page here. 10624616_10152529562723757_8864589830958735406_n 10593140_10152529562393757_2086205523675407339_n 10649744_10152529562048757_1922075586890561693_n

The Royal Trunk

I had been following The Royal Trunk on Facebook for quite sometime. So when I finally had the opportunity to meet the designer I could not be anything less than overjoyed. Tanjore paintings, precious and semi-presious stones, silver, Rudraksh and antique pieces fro exotic places around the world, each of their pieces have a story to narrate. 10672288_10152529589043757_7670415779819319876_n 1794615_10152529588628757_2110613878399112844_n designerpick9 designerpick910 designerpick8 1939801_10152529670678757_6286130526084220642_n


Bring about some swag in your everyday look with these casual chic shirts from PREEVIN. Brownie points for the Archie comic shirt! You might also love their super quirky collection of tunics. 1891105_10152529669948757_7172011463014272740_n 10599552_10152522255348757_5823963950018697447_n

No points for guessing my Diwali lust-list. Do let me know what’s in your Diwali shopping bag, while I go and grab mine! See you soon in my next post! Happy shopping!

Lots of love!


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