Festive Outburst 1.1

It is that time of the year again. The time of the divine Mother’s homecoming, when the autumn skies are filled with puffed clouds. Bundles of feathery “Kaash” adorns the fields while the sound of “dhaak” keeps ringing in our ears inconsistently.

2014-09-24 20.03.58

But these autumn festivities have a much deeper meaning to just making merry. Durga puja is more than just four days of frolic. Durga Puja is a victory of good over evil. It is a contemplation that the deadliest of Evils lie inside of us. It is our inner Goddess winning over the evil.

Debipaksha (days for the divine Devi) starts with a new moon hour of Mahalaya.  The day after Mahalaya starts the first day of Navratri ( nine nights of worship). Mahalaya is spent narrating the glorious story of Maa Durga’s victory over the evil Mahisasura. It glorifies the power of the fairer sex. This is well portrayed through the “Chandipath”.

The debipaksha brings out my Indian-ness to its greatest. An ethnic day at work made me wear this quirky Mehendi-hands print sari. Enjoy these pictures and stay tuned for the next set.





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