DIY Bling Sunglasses

Life is too short to be boring. And my idea to jazz up a regular day would be to go BLING! It is true, I have been born in a wrong era. Anything jazz and glistening makes me weak and hence I always fitted into the 20s. Nevertheless, with my personal touch, incorporating a bit of the 20s’ bling may not be a Herculean task. If Dolce and Gabbana could do it, so can I. So presenting my latest accessory makeover to my darling readers:










1. Position the jewel stones on the frame and stick them one by one. Use a strong glue, put a tiny drop of glue on the position of the stone and carefully paste the stone on it.
2. Use the glitter glue on the rest of the side, spreading it evenly. (In case of any spill, wait till the glue in the glitter dries and then remove it using nail-paint remover).
3. Repeat the same on the other side.
4. Paste three stones on the rim on one side as directed above.
5. Make a string of pearls.
6. Tie the string to the hinge as shown in the picture.

Now that my shades are ready, I can’t wait to flaunt them around. Do try this easy DIY and give your personal twist to it. Do let me know how you made your Bling Thing.

I’ll be back with another post soon. Till then stay gorgeous!


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