All that Glitters take us to the 20s



What happens when the best host in town meets an era of opulence and glamor? It’s nothing less than sheer magic. Johanne’s parties have always been something to look forward to.
(Read about her past parties here and here). Not only are the parties creative to the core, it also carries the glam-girl’s personal touch at every corner.



If you have been following my blog lately, you must be aware of my recent obsession with the Roaring 20s. (Read post here). Imagine my joy when my favorite girl invited me to her birthday party themed the same! I could already imagine myself to be a character from The Great Gatsby.





There was opulence everywhere. Pretty girls clad in glitterati and fancy headgear, swinging away to jazz. Martini and champagne flowed while professional dancers salsa-ed away to glory.




The pictures are sure to narrate the rest of the story as words cannot suffice the amount of fun I had. My legs turned sore dancing. The food was killer and so was everything else.


I’m wearing:

Maxi dress: Self-designed
Pearls: Mommy’s closet
Head-band: Tribal Zone
Stilettos: Metro
Box-Clutch: Mommy’s closet

Before I sign off, here’s wishing Johanne a great year full of happiness and good times. I’ll be back with another post. Till then, keep swinging!

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