Thai Cuisine and Pencil Skirt

There are two things that make me really happy: Self indulgence and Exotic food. With the amount of selfies I click, people may judge me to be self obsessed to the core. I do not defend myself neither do I have any reason to deny. Is it wrong to love and feel good about oneself? There are many a people who may judge me by the length of my clothes or the amount of time and energy I spend trying to dress well and look good, but the fact that they take time out of their busy schedules to analyze somebody else’s lifestyle makes me happy.


Coming to exotic cuisine, I am lucky enough to live in a city where people have a great affinity for good food. It was only yesterday that I indulged my taste-buds with some really sumptuous Thai cuisine at Benjarong, courtesy the newly turned 24 year old Mr Guy. I was not too sure about how I would like the cuisine since I am not too fond of Chinese. But surprisingly the mild aroma of lemon-grass made me fall in love with it.



And besides the wonderful food, I pestered the birthday boy to keep clicking pictures of mine till I actually liked the angle.



I am wearing:

Pencil skirt: Jabong
Top: Hijacked from my mum’s closet
Shoes: Thrift-ed
Sling bag: Elliza Donattein

I look forward to another busy week till I am looking into another weekend full of some more blogging. Do share you weekend stories with me. I’ll be back soon with another post. Till then stay well, stay gorgeous.

Lot’s of love


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