Attaining Nirvana at the Four Fountains Spa

“Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.”

– William S. Burroughs

This was the first thing that caught my eye in the beautiful room that I was ushered in at the Four Fountains Spa for my detox-therapy. How did I get there? Well that is a story, so let me start from the very beginning.


I received a mail from Maithili sometime last week inviting me for a complimentary spa session at any of the Four Fountains Spa. I had been recommended by Sayantini who had been a total sweetheart for doing so. No prizes for guessing what my reaction was! By the time I was done deciding on the place and time, I had already checked on the different therapies offered there. What surprised me then was that the spa was super reasonably priced. A luxury spa that offered massages starting from Rs 549 is remarkable.


I got my appointment on a Saturday after office. What better day to relax after a hectic week? I opted for the Salt Lake spa as it is a closer commute from work. I reached there on time and was greeted by a really sweet receptionist. I was asked to wait for some time while my room was made ready. It was then that I looked around clicking pictures here and there. I discovered that the spa took care of the tiniest of de-stressing details. Despite the really reasonable rates (which is a major stress-buster, at least for me), tiny details made sure that from the moment one enters till the time they leave they are de-stressed to the maximum.


The air was infused with an aroma of lemon-grass which helps you detoxify. The front-lobby seating had a back-rest comprising of massage beads. So even while you are waiting for your room to be ready, you get to start your journey to a stress-free land. The door-knobs comprised of the wooden accu-pressure massage sticks. A very mild and soothing spa music was playing in the background.


I wanted to get a detox treatment. There were other choices as well like, De-stress, Immunity and Beauty. My healing-in-charge, Geeta, a spa expert from Manipur, ushered me into a healing room. What I loved most about this spa, each individual has his/her own privacy to the treatment by a separate room with an attached bath for shower containing body wash, hair wash and a fresh towel.. There is a set of disposable undergarments (which speaks tonnes about the hygiene). I was asked to change into the disposable basics given and ring the bell for my therapist. Once I was done, Geeta came in with the ingredients for the treatment.


The detox therapy involved two steps:
1. Palmarosa & Ylang Ylang Body Polish
2. Natural Protein Body Wrap

The former uses Dead Sea salt, soaked in Palmarosa and Ylang Ylang essential oil to exfoliate the skin. Step two starts with a Spirulina Body Polish, followed by a protein mask applying which, the body is kept wrapped in a plastic sheet and allowed to sweat. This releases toxins from the body. The whole process lasted around an hour within which I was to take two showers, one to take off the scrub and another to wash away the mask. After the final shower, I was given a lotion to apply on my entire body before getting dressed.

The final touch was a cup of green tea, which I savored in the lobby sitting in one of those bead-back-rested seats.


What I loved: Despite such reasonable rates, the spa does not compromise on anything, be it the hospitality, the quality of products or the skillful staff. During my therapy, even the air conditioner was kept at a perfect temperature, warm enough to make me sweat within the plastic sheet yet cool enough to not feel stuffy. The music had the perfect volume to make you relaxed and not give a headache (which even many of the big salons fail to do). The privacy is respected by having same gender masseurs. Hygiene is a high priority which is quite evident from the clean disposable sheets and under garments.

Scope for improvement: A welcome drink would have been nicer. But of what I gathered, the Shakespeare Sarani Four Fountains Spa offers it.

Rates and Packages: The de-stress therapies range between Rs. 549 for a weekday foot reflexology to Rs 1999 for a Signature Green Tea & Spice Scrubassage. You can check out the other rates here. They also offer different Holistic packages ranging from Rs 2099 to Rs 5199. As you can see, you can always find something suited to your budget here. Besides, they have a few pre-paid membership plans which are well suited for regular spa-goers.

This was my first visit to a spa and was truly a memorable one. I plan to visit here again and I would strongly recommend you all to do the same, the best reason would be to get pampered without burning a hole in your purse.

I’ll be back soon with another post. Till then, stay de-stressed and Namaste!



  1. Thanks for the sweet words dear. I am gathering all your experiences and getting eager with every single word. Waiting for my turn so badly ^_^


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