Exploring New Heights: My Trip to Darjeeling, Day 2, 3 and 4

I had plans of putting up posts of the respective days as and when it came. But sadly the hotel Wifi gave up on day 2 and I was too caught up on the rest of my days there to write a blog. So here I am, back to the City of Joy (it finally started raining, so it is JOY).

Day 2 at Darjeeling started off on a religious note. We walked to the Mahakal Shiv Temple, which was a lovely trek in itself. The temple is set atop a hill surrounded by religious flags and serenity.



The walk had me posing on the way as usual on the way.


After a fancy breakfast at a joint facing the Chowrasta, Dad and me set out for a nature walk, exploring the countryside and clicking pictures on the way.





And by the time we returned, evening had already set in and the whole town was covered in thick fog. That called for more clicks and bidding goodbye to day 2.


Day 3 started off with Dad and me taking a walk down to the Darjeeling station (Mum was busy shopping). I really wanted to take a toy-train ride but sadly the train was booked out completely.


The toy-trains of Darjeeling have a very interesting history behind them. This piece of genius was built by Franklin Prestage. The 88 km line which was initially built as a tramway to exploit the differential in price of potatoes in Siliguri and Darjeeling is famous for three loops and six Z-reversals.


While coming back we spotted a bunch of super adorable kids from Central School of Tibet engaged happily in cleaning up the steep hills. Looking at them reminded me of my days at school back in Gangtok.


My vacation almost came to an end with day 4 where we had a lovely drive down via Nepal Border and Mirik. A brief halt at Batasia Loop, which is a memorial for the Gorkha soldiers of our country, we paid a short visit to the Ghoom monastery, which is the highest station in the country.





And finally we bid goodbye to paradise and came back to home sweet home. Well, all good things must come to an end. Nothing beats coming back home. I’ll do a post soon on all that I shopped. Till then, stay gorgeous.



  1. Great that you enjoyed your stay in Darjeeling. No wonder, we – the natives, all go to different parts of India only to realize that heaven is back home


  2. hey the question is bit out the of the place but would like to know a little more about the pack age you have taken along with the transportation for the place


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