Colors and Happiness: Holi 2014

Last week saw me partying away to the fullest. This was no ordinary party. It had everything from colors, water, delicacies and extreme craziness. It was the spring festival, Holi. Here is a list of all I did:

  • Got dressed in the best white possible. (I think I was the first one ever to have actually planned an entire outfit for a festival like Holi).
  • Colored everyone around me, prettily (I do not believe in turning people into ghosts). I tend to be lenient with that for the posing! *wink wink*
  • Hogged on to jalebis (an Indian sweet)
  • Drank lots of thandai (a Indian drink made with milk, nuts and saffron)
  • Got drenched at a pool party
  • Hogged on a HUGE plate of Chicken Biriyani
  • Had pure unadulterated fun.
  • Let the pictures narrate the rest of the story.









    And here am I posing with my thandai


    Do share your Holi experience with me. It’s fun to know what my darling readers have been upto. Let me sign off for now. I’ll be back again very soon. Till then stay safe and absolutely gorgeous.

    Lot’s of Love


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