Guest Post: 5 Easy Steps to Boost your Confidence!

It may sound cliché, but it couldn’t be more true: your worst enemy is yourself. The thing stopping you from pursuing your dreams is probably just your lack of self-confidence. Being afraid of failure will prevent you from ever doing what you want. And you know what they say: you need to put yourself out there if you want a better future.

The good news is that you can actually boost your confidence with these five tips and tricks. And even more good news: they’re easy, and don’t require you to step out of your comfort zone:

Photo: ImogeenPoots for Flare Magazine, via Fashion Gone Rogue

1. Think positive. This may sound obvious, but having a positive state of mind can actually help you achieve your goals. Focus on your goal and how happy you’ll be when you reach it, this way it will be easier to go through the tough and boring parts of getting there.

2. Take care of yourself. Have nice shower and cover yourself in your favorite lotions and products. Wear something that makes you feel pretty, whether it’s a feminine dress or a casual pair of jeans. Ultimately, put on a pair of sunglasses so you get the upper hand and see without being seen.

3. Know yourself. If you agree that you’re your worst enemy, you should know yourself before trying to change. Soon, you’ll be able to replace your negative self-image with a positive one, just as long as you learn to love yourself. Yes, even with all your flaws.

4. Be nice. When you’re generous and nice, it’s not just others that you help: it’s you as well. Some may even call generosity a selfish act, but we think it’s one that can really boost your confidence.

5. Watch your body language. Good posture is a sign of confidence, and people tend to respond better to a person that stands tall and straight. You can also cheat with high heels, many women need to feel taller to gain confidence. Another trick is to smile: it’s good for your health and it makes people see you as more approachable.

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