December Joys: Wedding Bells

Another reason to rejoice this cold winter month: Weddings! The dreamy decor, well dressed people in traditional attires, the blushing bride, the doting groom and of course, the food- all summed up perfects my day! I don’t know if it is normal or not, but I tend to plan my outfits days in advance of the actual day (We all do that! Don’t we?)

Now coming to Bengali weddings, it is a huge three days affair with tonnes of rituals. Sadly, I could not click many pictures of the wedding on goings, but my sweetheart Daddy clicked loads of posey pictures of mine. So let me not go any further with words and get to the pictures.

The bride, the groom, the shehnai
The bride, the groom, the shehnai
Posing with family
Posing with family

And here I am, posing as usual!





Weddings make me happy, really happy. The smiles of the newly weds, the love so unadulterated, the promises made, the vows taken…all of it is truly divine. Let me sign off with this good feeling, wishing the couple a very happy married life. Stay tuned for my next post. Till then, stay well, stay gorgeous.


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