Formally chic

I know I have been totally missing in action since more than a fortnight. Trust me, I have been totally worked up. But the good thing is, all the hard work finally paid off, quite literally. I got my first salary!
I am still in that salary excitement mode and hence this post is dedicated to my work. This is an outfit post on my office wear.
The best part of the corporate culture is the dress code. However much people may complain, nothing beats the feeling you get the moment you glance at the mirror all formalled up.
These trousers are a buy from Pantaloons. Initially I was apprehensive about the colorn and the pleats. But once I teamed it with a black shirt, I loved the effect.
To summarize my look, I’m wearing
Shirt: Globus
Trousers: Rig, Pantaloons
Shoes: En Route
It’s time I sign off. I’m super excitsd about the friday tomorrow. Do stay tuned for an interesting post I’m working on. Till then stay stylish.

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