Product Review: VLCC Acne Care 2 in 1 Scrub Pack


Ever since my teenage years, one thing that kept bothering me consistently was pimples and skin break-outs. Now that I’m long past my teens, the “pimples” have only modified into “acne”. My mother always made a paste of cloves and basil leaves to soothe my pimples back then.  But now, my ever-so-busy schedule renders no time for such elaborate beauty regimes, thus resorting to different products claiming natural ingredients. It was during one such product-hunts when I came across this Acne Care 2 in 1 scrub pack.

What VLCC has to say:

This exfoliates skin, lifts excess oil, dirt and impurities to leave skin naturally refreshed. Face pack absorbs excess oil and greasiness from the skin surface and scrub removes deep-seated dirt and grime from open pores.


  • Allantoin
  • Aloe Vera Extract
  • Vitamin E
  • Sodium
  • Laureth Sulphate
  • Kaolin
  • Clove oil
  •  Menthol

Packaging and texture:

It comes in a standard tube packaging. The scrub is slightly greenish in color and the texture is to the smoother side.



The 50g pack comes at a super affordable price of 75INR.

What I loved:

Although the scrub does not give a granular texture, the menthol feel is extremely soothing to the skin. The clove helps curing acne and gives a fresh feeling to the skin. I use this following my Neem face wash. So I believe a combined effect has been helping me fight skin break-outs.

My final verdict would be: Go for it!

Stay tuned for my favorite blogger of this month. Till then, keep commenting and stay stylish.


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