My June-July Empties

Now that I have started doing empty posts, it gives me a new enthusiasm to finish off my half empty product bottles (some used in amounts more than required, speeding up the emptying process). Well, my ever piling-up dressing table looks so much cleaner after each of these posts. So my empties for the month are:






What I loved:

Forever Sunshine Body Lotion: This beautifully fragrant body lotion drove me nuts by the way it smells. I got this as a gift from an Aunt on her visit to the United States. This became such a favorite for both my mother and me that we ended up using this on a regular basis. One bottle lasts a real long time as you need a tiny amount to keep you well hydrated.

Nivea Visage Refreshing Toner: Technically, this should be used as a part of the regular cleansing-toning-moisturizing process. But thanks to my oily skin, I had to do away with the cleansing and moisturizing part and use this after a steam bath of my face. This helped a great deal to get rid of the excess dirt and prevent break outs. Moreover, it balances the natural moisture of my skin and hence substitutes for the moisturizing part.

Lakme Black Impact Liner: This is one product I cannot live without. I am a regular wearer of eyeliner, be it with kajal, for a more dramatic effect or without. Whatever may be the look, my upper lids are always densely lined in black. Although Lakme sell other eyeliners at even a lower range, (this comes at 199INR) I opt for this one every time. I love this more especially for the applicant it comes with. It makes eye make-up extremely hassle free.

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal: Ever since this kajal was launched, there have been endless debates comparing this with the Maybelline Colossal Kajal. I will not go into that debate, but all I can say, I LOVE this product. The intensity of darkness in a single swipe is simply outstanding. And for the perfect drama, team it with the eye liner on the upper lids and tadaaa! you have eyes that kill!

I’m glad I finally managed to finish off these products, so that calls for shopping time. Stay tuned for more exciting posts. Till then, keep stylish and do keep commenting.


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