The Shabby-Chic Birthday


What is the first thing that crosses your mind when the prettiest girl in town (who throws the best parties ever) sends you an invitation to her birthday party which is even more fashionably themed “Shabby Chic”? For me it was sheer excitement followed by a quick scan of my closet in my mind. Finally dressing myself in shabby chic attire (after a thorough research on shabby chic on the internet) I headed to the coolest birthday party ever thrown by the hot restaurateur Johanne Mantosh (Read about her pop-up restaurant here).


Johanne, the birthday girl looked drop-dead gorgeous in her pastel floral printed dress. There were brilliant cocktails and exotic starters, my personal favorite being the Daab Chingri Dynamic. The lawn was done up so beautifully that it reminded me of a fairy-tale.  Everyone was dressed in their pastel best and the decor added to the theme.



Adding to the ambience was Ganesh Talkies performing live. Suyasha rocked the show as she made us groove to their versions of John Denver, Madonna and a lot many originals.


Other frills included the beautifully decorated cake surrounded by the ever so sumptuous cup-cakes and marshmellows. The room was done up keeping the theme in mind and thus the generous dose of pastel hues.





The food was beyond any words, which is not much of a surprise, the host being Johanne. In spite of being the birthday girl, Johanne was so busy taking care of every minute detail, keeping to her toes most of the time, a reason I could not click too many pictures of her. But here are some other pictures of the party with Debiparna, Anupriya and Lopamudra –




And here is my version of Shabby Chic-

johannebday2 .


I’m wearing:

The lovely peacock feather fan which served as a party prop was the perfect thing to pose with. We also got a lovely neon purse packed with colorful candies as a return gift. I cannot thank Johanne enough for all the lovely things she does to make our life so happening and wish her a fabulous year ahead.

Signing off for now, loads of love,



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