Wine Trail Event by Four Seasons

Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures. -Michael Broadbent


Until yesterday, this quote found relevance only in good books and movies. But as my blogger friend Shayoni (Sweet and Bitter Blog) puts it on her Facebook status,

What happens when you bring together more than 10 chatty girls together and the wine is flowing free (so much that people are actually begging for water!!)?

my life found it’s relevance with Broadbent’s words. So let me start from the very beginning.


When Team Ginger Claps sent me a mail, inviting me for a Wine Trail Event organized by Four Seasons at The Conclave, I did not know what to be more excited about, the wine I’d get to taste or the few hours of awesome company, or simply both. Out of sheer anticipation and excitement, I reached 10 minutes early only to find myself being the second guest to arrive, the first being Swarnali (Swarnali Dreams), another blogger. Eventually, other bloggers ( Debiparna, Aniesha, Anupriya, Shayoni, Deepa, Soumi, Shreya, Animesh) started pouring in. There were many food bloggers as well.

The event started with a presentation by Mr. PPK Mitter (aka Peter), on everything about wine- how it is produced, it’s different types, the health aspect of wine, wine tasting etiquettes. A few things I learnt, I never knew before:

  • Wine can be classified as Still/Sparkling/Fortified on the basis of its content, or White/Rose´/Red based on color and Dry/Medium/Sweet based on the sweetness.
  • Wine may be Old World (France, Italy, Germany Spain) or New World (Australia, Chile, SA, India, New Zealand, Argentina). We know whether a wine is old world or new world by looking at the label. The old world wines have the region of production on it while the new world mentions the grape variety. The former is usually traditional while the latter is more experimental.
  • In a grape, different parts give different tastes to the wine- the Stalks give the tannin (the astringen taste), the Grape Skin gives the tannin color, the Pulp gives the sugar, fruit acids and water and the Seeds give the bitter oil. Did you know white wine could be made out red grapes?
  • The temperature at which the wine is to be served also depends on the type of wine.

We were also told about the different wine etiquettes:

  • When wine is served, it should be poured till the curve and the glass held by its stem.
  • When wine is had, we use three of our senses- smell, sight and taste. We first swirl the wine in our glasses for it to open up and smell it to take in the different aromas. Next we see the color, age and length of the wine. The age can be measured by tilting the wine glass and observing the color of the wine. If the color is uniform throughout, it is an old wine.

We tasted different kinds of wine by Four Seasons, namely:

  • Four Seasons Blush
  • Four Seasons Sauvignon Blanc
  • Four Seasons Viognier
  • Four Seasons Shiraz
  • Four Seasons B.R. Cabernet Sauvignon



The Blush was teamed with Cheese Balls and Fish Tikka Kebabs, the Sauvignon Blanc with Mushroom Vol au Vent and Crumbed Prawns, Viognier with Babycorn Fritters and Chicken Nuggets, Shiraz with Veg Croquets and Chicken Lollypop and finally the Cabernet Sauvignon with Cottage Cheese Kebabs and Mutton Sheek Kebabs.


Apart from the food and the wine there was a lot of catching up with the fellow bloggers. The pictures say it all.

Posing with the Blush
Debiparna capturing Anupriya’s pose
Deepa and Debiparna pose as Animesh goes “click click click”
Shreya looking drop dead gorgeous
Soumi..all smiles
Shayoni looking like a doll
Debiparna and her killer looks
Anupriya in her gorgeous dress and neck-piece
Swarnali with her super cool bag and Aniesha

And last but not the least we all got a certificate certifying our wine appreciation.


I would like to thank Four Seasons and Ginger Claps for the really beautiful evening. And as for my readers, do check out Four Seasons lovely website here and stay tuned for another eventful event coming up soon. Till then stay stylish and have a great Sunday!

Lots of love.


  1. Oi…you already did the post!! Awesome 😀 I am waiting for Aniesha to send me the pics…btw when did u click that pic of mine?


    • Haha yes…i edited the pics overnight…and took the entire morning to write. And the pic was clicked when you were intently watching the presentation…i found the perfect angle


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