Maybelline BB stick: Empty bottle review

It’s been almost a month since I bought my Maybelline BB stick. You can read the review here. Now that I have used it consistently and regularly I have come up with a post about my experience with it.


What I liked:

  • The quantity is good enough to last for a month (or maybe a little more) when used regularly.
  • It gives my skin an even coverage and makes it look flawless.
  • UV protection seems good enough. I used in in the harsh sun and yet my skin was well protected without much damage.
  • Light to my skin and despite wearing it all day, I did not get any break-outs unlike normal foundation.
  • Gives an overall matte look which is good for the humid weather.

What could be better:

  • They should introduce more shades which go with the Indian skin. I used “Fawn” and it made my skin look dark. But again, the shade “Radiance” was way too light for my skin. I wish they had some intermediary shade.

Would I recommend it?

Go for this if

  • Your skin matches the available shades exactly, or
  • You are ready to compromise on the skin color for an even, flawless coverage.

My overall experience has been pretty good. Although I looked slightly dark, I loved the fresh, flawless face it gave me. For a longer stay I used to set it with compact.

Now that my BB stick has been used up, I am trying the Maybelline Clear Glow All-in-One Compact. Stay tuned for a product review coming up soon. Till then keep smiling and stay stylish.


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