Floral obsession

The title says it all. My recent obsession (well for quite sometime now) has been floral prints. I guess I got this obsession from my mother, only that she is more passionate about growing them in her garden. Being the fashion maniac that I’ve always been, I end up usually wearing floral prints in almost every way possible.


Before I go any further, I cannot resist sharing with you all that this dress has been designed by me! It so happened that I was in a super creative mood and decided to go shopping, not for clothes but for a dress material! A detailed sketch to my tailor and voila it was done. I wouldn’t say my design was reflected entirely in the dress as I had asked for bigger ruffles on the sleeves and he ended up with ones hardly visible, at least in the pictures. But nevertheless the job was pretty decent.



Red being my favorite color, I selected the red flower to match my accessories with my dress.

A special thanks to the guy behind the lens, Shiladitya Chatterjee. It was his birthday yesterday and yet he kept clicking, trying to get the angles perfect. 🙂

To summarize my look, I’m wearing:

Do let me know how you liked my attempt at designing. Keep commenting and stay stylish.


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